CIA Triad and Risk – Core Cyber Security Concepts

What is the CIA Triad? What is Risk? Do not miss these core concepts when it comes to Cyber Security!

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Cyber Security can be an extremely complex subject when it comes to properly securing an organization. As professionals, we need to consider many different aspects of security and then make decisions based on risk with respect to the business. When we implement security controls in our environment we relate the selections back to the components of the CIA Triad. Additionally, there is a growing concern over the collection, retention or sharing, and disposal of user data. As a result, you must commit these concepts to memory to be successful in your career.

Join me for this video as we review core Cyber Security concepts such as the CIA Triad and Risk. Once you have completed this video, you will be that much closer to being a seasoned Cyber Security professional.

This video is part of my course on CompTIA’s CySA+ (CS0-002) certification:

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