How To Install Linux Virtual Machine for Cyber Security Beginners

Are you looking to develop your Linux skills? Do you know how to install Linux as a virtual machine?

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For most people, the Linux operating system is unfamiliar and can be intimidating to learn. The primary reason why this is true is because most people grow up using the Windows operating system. Companies are increasingly introducing the Linux operating system into their production networks for various reasons so it’s crucial that you become comfortable with Linux. In order to become more comfortable, it’s important to explore and learn from actually using the operating system in a safe environment. As a result, you need to know how to install Linux as a virtual machine for practicing important skills.

In this video, we will walk through installing the CentOS 8 Linux distribution using VMware Player Pro. I’ll show you how to get a free copy of the operating system, walk through the installation process, and then final steps to set you up for success. By the time you are done watching this video, you will feel confident in your abilities to install a CentOS 8 virtual machine.

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