Microsoft Azure Fundamentals – Basic Cloud Concepts

Everything is moving towards the cloud and for that reason you need to understand Microsoft Azure Fundamentals basic concepts to be prepared!

Traditionally, companies have hosted all their technology resources on-premise in their physical locations. You need to quickly become proficient in securing infrastructures that we cannot physically touch because of the change to cloud. The days of walking into massive data centers to make changes in technology for most companies are gone as the rise in the remote workforce increases over time. Therefore we need to be ready for further adoption of the cloud. Learning the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is certainly a great way to get introduced to the cloud.

This purpose of this video is to walk you through Microsoft Azure Fundamentals basic cloud concepts that you need to know. Furthermore some of the topics include the services available in cloud, the benefits of cloud, and the types of deployments cloud offers. Finally, I highly encourage you to become Microsoft Azure certified to help boost your resume.

AZ-900 Study Guide:

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