Security+ vs CISSP? Which one is better for your career?

Security+ vs CISSP? Which one is better for your Cyber Security Career?

Choosing certifications for Cyber Security can be a challenging decision because there are so many to choose from. As a result of so many certifications, people are constantly debating which certifications make the most impact in their career. For example the CompTIA Security+ and the ISC2 CISSP are two of the most in-demand certifications for employers.

Due to the high demand, people consequently face the debate of which they should go for, the Security+ vs CISSP? What happens if you choose wrong? Seriously though, which is better? Which one will make me more money? These are all legitimate questions when it comes to deciding, however the answers are not always obvious. Some certifications can take a significant amount of time to prepare for so it certainly makes sense to evaluate all of your options. As a result of the Security+ vs CISSP being such a popular debate, I went through and dissected the differences between the two certifications. Therefore, I hope you enjoy this video where I will tell you the brutal honest truth to the question “Security+ vs CISSP?”

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